Orlando Tea Party Announces April 12th Event

Congressmen, Talk-show Host to Join Activists 

ORLANDO — Today, Orlando Tea Party leadership confirmed the guest speakers for this years Tax Day Tea Party. Scheduled to attend are House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Dr. Jack Cassell from Mt. Dora, Jason Hoyt, Lisa Feroli and Mike Gallagher, who hosts a nationwide talk radio show on the Salem Radio Network. Event organizers Jason Hoyt, Tom Tillison, Barbara Seidenberg and Phil Russo, hosts of the Tea Party Patriots LIVE radio show, also announced that 540 WFLA’s Bud Hedinger will be the emcee for the event. 

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“Its an honor to have Bud Hedinger emcee the Tax Day Tea Party,” said Hoyt.  ”Lisa Feroli, Shelly, and Bud brought so much attention to this movement when they had their massive Tea Party at Lake Eola last March.”

Organizers also announced that a luncheon event will be held earlier in the day, sponsored by 660 WORL. Mike Gallagher, Rep. King, and Rep. Boehner will each host a table and a limited number of tickets are available to sit at one of these tables. Tickets are available at 660worl.com.  

Who:  The Orlando Tea Party and Tea Party Patriots LIVE
What:  Tax Day Tea Party
When: Monday, April 12, 2010 at 6 p.m.
Where:  Orlando City Hall

The Orlando Tea Party is a non-partisan grassroots movement made up of people from every political party and all walks of life, believing in the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.

NOTE: We are NOT affiliated nor believe in the tactics of the so-called Florida Tea Party political party. We represent the tea party movement, made up of every-day citizens getting involved in the political process to take our country back and return it to our founding principles.

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35 Responses to “Orlando Tea Party Announces April 12th Event”

  1. Thank you for clearing up the difference. The fake tea party political party has tried to FRIEND me several times on Facebook, but I haven’t heard of them so I didn’t respond.

    I’m sure they are doing the same to many other members of our movement. Your NOTE helped clear that up.

    Who is this Doug Guetzloe guy? Fred O’Neal? Never saw them at any of our events. Why did they found the political party?

  2. Thank you Peter for commenting on the post and for asking about the “fake tea party”.

    Personally, I’m very disturbed by it as we patriots on the ground have poured countless hours, blood, sweat and tears in this movement trying to assist in the awakening of the American people and providing them an opportunity to let their voices be heard.

    Doug is a guy that I believe was kicked out or suspended from the Republican Party of Florida last year, and his attorney, Fred, who registered the political party, was a 17-year democrat when he changed his political party registration. I think they’re only trying to “stick it” to the party, regardless of the actual outcome of the election, but that’s my opinion.

    What I do know is that neither of these guys have organized a tea party, nor did they reach out to actual tea party grassroots leaders for their input, advice or buy-in. Not only that, Fred, the attorney, has sent a letter to an organizer here in Florida and told them they have to stop using the tea party name because the organizer didn’t get their permission to use it.

    To me, that is absolutely disgusting and I can’t tell you how offended I am by that.

    “…and I wouldn’t hold my breath”, he tells him, as an attorney acting like a real grownup.


  3. Thomas Jefferson 15. Feb, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    Glad to see that the Orlando tea party movement has come out and made clear that they are just an appendage of the National Republican Party. Yeah, they say that they are ‘not about being a political party,’ but that’s only because they have sold out to the Republican party. So much for nonpartisan status!

  4. Mr. Jefferson,…why do you have to hide behind a false name?

    Why do you think we’re “an appendage of the National Republican Party”? “sold out”?

    Please, let me know what inside information you have into my mind that I’m not aware of.

  5. If you actually have a question about us and about our intentions and strategies, I’d definitely be open to answering and clearing up any misconceptions you may have.

  6. Thomas Jefferson 15. Feb, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks for the invitation to debate. I’ll happily accept.

    The reason I assert that you are growing the Orlando tea party into an appendage of the Republican party is because your headline speakers are all Republicans!

    Exhibit 1) House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH). He’s a career politician (been in Congress for twenty years) and has voted for all sorts of big government subsidies. Check his record if you don’t believe me. http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=27015

    Exhibit 2) Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Apparently a little better, but still has already served 4 terms in Congress (wonder what he thinks of term limits) and voted for billions of farm subsidies (not surprising since he comes from Iowa).

    The point is that the tea party drifts further into the warm embrace of the GOP. Eventually the real tea party patriots will see their grassroots movement will be just told to vote Republican and hope for the best!

  7. Sorry, Jason, but I just can’t resist!

    There are so many people trying to define what the ‘tea party’ movement is, or should be. Who are these people? If it’s not the left, it’s the media, and, if not them, it’s countless individuals within the movement itself! Quite frankly, I’m growing weary of all these entities trying to tell me what my values should be. The tea party movement is, and always has been, we, the people! And, Jason, Phil and I are proud to be a part of that, and we have just as much of a right as anyone else to determine the sanctity of our actions. If we can bring a very influential member of the GOP into our circle, and, perhaps, sway his thought process and cause him to see what he has yet to see, and we do this with pure intentions, then the critics be damned! It certainly doesn’t suggest that we are somehow beholden to the GOP.

    Also, since so many people feel they have the right to set values for others, I think I’ll take a stab at it; unless you are an active member of your county REC, and engaged in trying to change the party for the better, then you should have no right to criticize same.

    Wow! That was easy…no wonder there’s so many people doing it!

  8. The people running the Orlando area tea parties are acting like a 3rd party employing the same politics both the Democrat and Republicans use.

    Cheryl, President
    Orlando Tea Party, Inc.

  9. Thomas Jefferson 16. Feb, 2010 at 2:58 pm


    The question remains: is your tea party movement just cheerleaders for the Republican party? I thought the refrain of the tea party was that we are upset with BOTH parties. Yet the only people that you highlight and listen to are Republicans. Isn’t that a contradiction?

    And as to your assertion that ‘unless you are an active member of your (Republican) county REC’ you ‘have no right to criticize.’ Amazing, I guess all of us registered independents should have our mouth’s taped shut!

    How’s that freedom and liberty working out for you?

  10. Should the registered independents have your mouth’s taped shut? Of course not,…but what I would encourage you to do is get involved, put your boots on and get in the game. Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for “those republicans” to pick a nominee, then complain about who it is,…get in there now, participate in the process, find a candidate early, go support them, volunteer, donate money, help get petitions signed, and vote in the primary. I usually tell people that if they don’t vote in November, they shouldn’t complain about the government. Well, if you don’t vote in the Republican primary, you shouldn’t complain about who those that got involved actually voted for. Politics isn’t a spectator sport anymore, and We the People need to take back control over the government.

    And I appreciate you asking what our plans are for the event, as opposed to falsely making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. There’s a vehicle by which conservatives CAN,..and I repeat, CAN get elected. That’s the republican party. As the tea party movement turns the corner from attracting people to events to bringing about actual reform,…we need to get involved and reform the existing party structure and apparatus. Standing on the outside yelling at them won’t make them change. Voting third parties to “send them a message” doesn’t work. We must take it upon ourselves andchange them from the inside. And since you asked,…we’re planning a ‘public intervention’. Its our goal to ensure that King and Boehner see and definitely hear what’s on the people’s mind. Its a tea party, its where the people’s voices are heard. We’ll have questions and answers with them, we’ll make sure they know we’re a force to be reckoned with, we’re here to stay, and we want them to continue to fight the socialist leftists,…because its right, not for mere political expediency. They’re going to know from the grassroots that we support them being bold, and we demand they stay that way. They’re going to know that we’re going to hold them accountable up until the election,…and beyond. We the people are awake, and we MUST stay awake.

    Personally, I’m also going to ensure Boehner knows how many people support the FairTax. King already does, Boehner needs to as well.

  11. Thomas Jefferson 17. Feb, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    So from the answers so far, I take it that you are only inviting Republican speakers to come to this event? If that’s the case does that not mean that you are turning the tea party movement into an arm of the Republican party?

    And how about an explanation on why you are headlining Republican RINO House Minority Leader John Boehner?

    Come on, be honest. Are you just cheer-leading for the GOP?

    And one other thing Jason. Your simplistic statement that you’re going to show Boehner ‘how much support there is for FairTax is pointless. He KNOWS how much support there is for the FairTax. He doesn’t WANT the FairTax to ever get out of committee.

    What you are really doing is just tacitly endorsing him!

    Really I question whether you have the guts to call out these career politicians.

  12. We have invited individuals from all three relevant parties; Republican, Democratis and Libertarian. It seems that it’s the Republicans that are most eager to accept our offers, although, I’m sure there will be those who assign nefarious reasons for this.

    It’s perplexing how so many have been saying for a year now that our elected officials will not listen to us, yet, many of these same people don’t want them at our events! We have a tremendous opportunity to garner the full attention of a very influential member of the Republican Party, and, hopefully, in the process, we are able to shape his views of what the American people want from their elected officials. In no way is this an endorsement of him, or the Republican party, tactical, or otherwise.

    As for calling Boehner out, I can assure you that he will be treated with the respect and consideration he deserves. Is he the consummate conservative? Perhaps not, although, I’m not sure that individual exists. However, he did hold the Republicans together in the House over the past year and fought Pelosi every step of the way as she rammed one bad piece of legislation after another down our throats. And he did it in a manner that forced the media to pay attention. These actions do not necessarily dissolve past sins, but are deserving of our appreciation, nonetheless.

  13. Thomas Jefferson 27. Feb, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Too bad you prefer hobnobbing with big shot Republicans over restoring Constitutional government. I sincerely doubt you have any idea of the corruption present in the GOP.

  14. i think there is a lot of suspension that is happening with the tea party movement within the tea party itself !! i think that everyone needs to stay focus on the what the tea party is really for !! and that is to take back this country ! we need to all work together to stop the socialist agenda of the liberals or one day the tea party and its movement will be declared illegal and we all know what that will mean !!!!

  15. A huge THANK YOU to all the people putting so much work into this very worthy effort. Our country will be so much the better for it. Thank you again, keep up the GREAT WORK and God Bless!!!

  16. Thank you Mike R., Tom T., and Jason for your efforts with Mr. “Thomas Jefferson”.

    To Thomas Jefferson: I can’t speak for everyone, but I joined the Tea Party Movement because I believe in accountability. AND considering that I’ve paid little attention to what my government was doing until a few years ago, realized that accountability begins with me. I’m reading and learning politics – Left, Right and in between. I’m writing and calling my elected officials. I know there is corruption on both sides, but seems to me a true politician will follow the will of the majority of people who elected him, NOT his own agenda and NOT “in your face” curtailing of the law. I don’t expect to agree with everything my elected officials do. My opinion may differ from what their other constituents want or they may be privy to information I don’t have, etc. BUT I do worry about a man sitting in office that is more interested in pushing his agenda than listening to a majority of the American People. A man who doesn’t know when to back down is a very dangerous man indeed. Anyone truely paying attention at this stage of the game knows that Obama’s healthcare bill, cap and trade, etc. is simply a foot in the door. He has admitted this himself on National T.V. Who wouldn’t want healthcare for all children and people with pre-existing conditions guaranteed some coverage, but the road to hell was paved with the best of intentions. I haven’t made the best decisions in my life, took me to the age of 40 to get my act together, go back to school, start planning for retirement, etc. BUT, the difference between me and the liberal ideaology is that I do not expect anyone to pay the consequences for those decisions except myself. I have no problem reaching old age and not having enough money to pay for a surgery I may need, but I DO have a problem with the government telling me that I MUST buy insurance under penalty of a fine and/or jail time or after paying into healthcare my entire life, having the government tell me I’m too old to qualify for the needed surgery or be put on some waiting list. BIG DIFFERENCE! The Liberal mentality seems to be “the end justifies the means”, Obama honestly believes that “process” doesn’t matter as long as he accomplishes what HE sets out to do, when in fact it matters very much. What would happen if all of society adopts this attitude? A Society without moral values, I shudder at the thought. My point is that we need to use whatever resources available to be heard. I’d love it if Obama actually showed up at a Tea Party Rally and LISTENED to the people, but frankly I don’t see that happening. The only elected officials smart enough to get on the growing “back to grass-roots” bandwagon and realize that it is NOT going to go away, people ARE paying attention and will continue to pay attention, are mainly Republicans. I wouldn’t knock any Democrat for getting on board, or Liberal for that matter. Where are they? They are too busy patting each others back to pay attention. Sad, really. Although I believe in the power of knowledge, I would much rather feel I could trust my government to do the right thing and spend my evenings and week-ends enjoying my family, rather than using that time to learn and understand the history of our politcal system to fight those who are abusing their oath and their power.

    Sorry I rambled!!!

  17. I am really amazed. The failure of the two party system can not be denied nor defended. This system has taken to the the brink. Now a group of visionary men have the political savvy to register the Florida Tea Party. The goal is to place candidates on the ballot which represent the philosopy in order to take the movement to the next level. We now have a choice for the voters which disagree with the socialism that has taken over the democratic party and the corporate elitist which control the republican party. Now, you would think that all of the disgruntled voters would embrace that momentum and would use it as an opportunity to create real reform and restoration to the constitution. However, you just can’t help yourselves. Why must you bicker over petty things like who is the “real” tea party? Can’t you see you are doing exactly what the democratic and republican parties hope you will do. They can not stop the revolution because they can not hide their records and the citizens are awakening. However, they can divide and conquer. Let us focus on the real goal at hand. What difference does it make who started it, who named it and who registered it? Engage your energy being productive to promote the cause and support candidates which will fight for your ideals. It is not required that everyone “like” everyone in the movement,just work for the common goal. No one wants to associate with a group which is full of in-fighting. If you continue to bicker on such trivial things, people will discount your value and not take you seriously and will not support you. Think about it. No one wins except “the man”.

  18. As one of those Independants, I have little love for the Republicans. Their only saving grace has been that they are the opposition to the Democrats. Too often, they are “light” progressives, and are more damaging to the conservative movement than any leftist agenda by just ignoring their own party’s platform.

    Having said that, only a fool would believe that our salvation will come from anywhere but the GOP. No third party will get elected nor will the bluest of blue dog Democrats will do what is necessary. The key was stated before: get involved in the primaries! I, too, waited for the Republican machine to spit out their best rather than get involved. All I got was disappointment and an increasingly socialist U.S.A. I will be registering (ugh) as a Republican and make sure the machine hears my voice. I suggest that you do the same.

  19. Hmm this is interesting. I’d like to know more about this.
    I was on a Radio talk show the other day where someone was talking about being a candidate as a 3rd party in Fl,( cant remember her name ) but I thought it was strange when she was asked what Local Grass root Tea Party’s endorse her , and she had no answer. I also noticed that She was registered as a Republican and then at some point switched to TP candidate.
    I believe this is a “FALSE FLAG” on the dems part. This woman may have fallen into the trap or maybe not , but its obvious that this is NOT THE WAY TO GO at this stage of the game.(Im even more convinced now that your saying the person who registered the Name as a party WAS A DEM)
    Its seems that this would only take from the Parties NOW and make them weaker by splitting the votes. We need to vote in candidates from both parties that are Conservative on either side. I think Parties are to left or Right lets bring them back to the center , like most of the county is .
    Just my humble opinion,
    From Florida

    …if anyone has links or info on the subject please list I’d like to investigate and bring this to light.
    As I dont belong to any tea party or group , just an outsider looking in.

  20. It is amazing that people who want to criticize the event must use a pseudonym then spew how they are not represented. May I suggest attending then decide just exactly what is going on.

  21. Tommy Jefferson II 13. Apr, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    With Lew Oliver still at the helm of OCREC, that group cannot be trusted. OCREC is the problem. I was there. I agree with the person who calls himself Thomas Jefferson.

    Jason Hoyt… that name rings a bell. Is that the same Jason Hoyt who , in the mid to late nineties, was instrumental in causing the break-up of the Christian Liberty Church on Clarcona-Ocoee Rd.? Hmmm…I was there.


  22. Joseph,…I’m not the same Jason Hoyt you referred to. I moved here from IL in 1996 and only first got involved in local politics and volunteering in 2003 with the Orange County Young Republicans. In 2004, I joined OCREC, became a District chair but got burned out and a bit frustrated with the “direction”. It seemed that they had hit a ceiling on capabilities and vision and I was a bit discouraged. When McCain was somehow elected as the Republican choice for ‘08 (and to this day I haven’t met anyone that actually voted for him in the primary), and then as I was very inspired by Rick Santelli’s February 19th rant last year, I kicked off the tea party movement here in Orlando and shortly thereafter I decided to come back to OCREC and concentrate on reform from within.

    Regardless of what the people hiding behind false names on comment threads like the original Thomas Jefferson, I’m not “hobnobbing with big shot republicans” in order to become like them or be swayed by them. I’m lobbying “them” and letting them know that the tea party movement is a movement to be reckoned with. I’m putting my time where my mouth is and doing something about it.

    I encourage people to get up off the couch, step away from the water-cooler-talk and the Monday morning quarterbacking and actually participate and work on reform from within. If we, constitutionally conservative patriots, all infiltrated the ranks, we would outnumber them, and be able to vote for the RIGHT people, and then all of a sudden “the party” would relfect our values. Standing on the sidelines is not an option anymore,….especially with counter-productive innacurate accusations.

  23. To All: I think we should look for the best candidate regardless of party. Thinking that only Republicans will be the answer is EXACTLY how we got in this mess to begin with.

    Here is my Question to Jason Hoyt. I would like you to answer this question on the record so everyone can see it.

    If Charlie Crist won the Republican primary and I am in the race as the Libertarian candidate who would you vote for and why?

    Alexander Snitker
    Libertarian candidate for US Senate

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